The ULTIMATE Acupuncture Wall Chart

How would you design the ultimate acupuncture wall chart? Here's what we did. We started with all the problems seen in so many other charts: Foreign lettering, poor illustrations, missing or incorrect information, nude bodies, crowded symbols, the list goes on. We analyzed every chart we could find, solved every problem we encountered, and created the best chart we've ever seen. Here are some of the features that make it so great:

This chart is built on actual human photos, not cartoon illustrations. You'll see what the landmarks actually look like, not just what some illustrator imagined.

Tired of wasting your time searching through minutia to find something important? We sorted through all the information typically included on charts—some is important to have readily available, and some is just extra filler. We kept the important clinical information you need and eliminated the fluff. Result: A less-crowded, more useful chart.

A chart shouldn't confuse you. That's why every point is clearly labeled and color coded in English, using only internationally accepted names and abbreviations.

We all know where CV 1 is, and probably never needle it anyway. So the naughty bits are covered up. No need for your patients (or their children) to be uncomfortable in your office.

Are you tired of squinting at tiny or multiple charts? Our large, 36" by 36" (91 by 91 cm) makes it easy to see whatever you need to see.

So what's on the chart?

  • All 12 main meridians, color coded to element, in three views
  • Ren and Du (CV and GV) meridians
  • All points clearly labeled and marked
  • Special labeling for Well, Spring, Stream, River and Sea points
  • Special labeling for Tonification, Sedation, Luo, Xi-Cleft, Horary, Front-Mu and Back-Shu points
  • Individual illustrations of each meridian in smaller inset charts

This chart makes a beautiful and useful addition to the home or office of any acupuncture practitioner or enthusiast. Printed on high-quality, glossy stock at photographic resolution, you'll use and enjoy this chart for years to come.

Dimensions are 36 x 36 inches (91 x 91 cm, 3 feet wide, 3 feet tall). Printed in USA on high-gloss heavy poster paper and plastic laminated for extra protection.

—This is one HUGE Acupuncture Reference chart.—